August, 2018


Written for The Times T2 Magazine during my time on a week-long work experience stint at The Times Magazine. My byline was published in the national newspaper on the 3rd August 2018, as well as online:


It's never too late to be a standup comedian:


Greg Davies was a teacher in secondary schools in Berkshire and Twickenham for 13 years. When asked if he’d consider going back to school, Davies said: “After everything I’ve said about teaching; the profession wouldn’t have me back.”

Harry Hill trained as a doctor at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. Hill told Celeb Now in 2013: “I spent my whole time as a doctor hoping no one was going to get ill.”

Peter Kay worked in supermarkets, petrol stations, a cinema, a bingo hall and a toilet-roll factory in his native Lancashire, which influenced his comedy writing in series such as That Peter Kay Thing. Kay later said: “I never settled because I wasn’t meant to pack toilet rolls or stack shelves . . . I was destined to make people laugh.”

Lee Evans had a brief stint as a boxer and tried out as a drummer in punk-rock band before he made the switch to stand-up in the 1990s.

Sarah Millican was a civil servant at a job centre until 2004. She was named best newcomer at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and released her first book, How to Be Champion, last year.

Jimmy Carr underwent a turbulent loss of his Catholic faith in his late twenties while working in marketing. He then trained as a therapist after his experiences with psychotherapy, before turning to comedy.

Elinor Potts

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