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The Long Road

The author at Open'er Festival in 2014 with her first 'Journalist' pass.


I started my journey into journalism as a 13-year-old newspaper deliverer. At 19, I blagged myself a press pass to Open'er Festival using business cards I fashioned from Microsoft Word print outs and PVA glue; chugging free pints and illegibly scribbling across the table from the very NME journalists I spent my teen years idolising. Ten years on from my first job, I've moved across the country twice (with a brief Viennese interlude), picking up two degrees and four stints of work experience. My fascination with the craft of journalistic storytelling has never faltered.

During the 2020 pandemic summer, I applied for a part-time NCTJ at the Press Association having submitted my MA dissertation to KCL after two years of part-time studying, and commenced the NCTJ journey in September 2020.

I'm not going to glamorise the experience - working full-time alongside blogging and part-time studying has been intense and a prolonged exercise in strict work/life boundaries.

The path to this portfolio has been ridden with metaphorical potholes, but the finished product is one which I'll cherish, and which represents the dizzyingly difficult circumstances and 320 + hours I've spent hunched over Zoom (although occasionally sneaking off for homely baking sessions). I've studied reporting, ethics, media law, data journalism, filmmaking, video editing, feature writing, obituary writing, and the dreaded Teeline shorthand.

Thanks for the memories, PA!

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