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Abbotsham's bus stop bookshop lifts community spirits through covid lockdowns

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The village of Abbotsham has just 489 residents according to the 2011 census.

When the covid pandemic struck in March 2020, local Teacher, and book lover, Alice Fuller set up a free book scheme using plastic crates full of secondhand books which she anonymously donated to Abbotsham’s bus shelter.

One year later, the bookshop is now a permanent fixture after residents Bridget and Mike Shapland installed sturdy wooden shelves to protect the books against harsh weather conditions using money donated by the parish council.

“My husband and I moved to the college park estate in December and have both fallen in love with your beautiful village,” wrote resident Sally Davies on the local Facebook page, Abbotsham Absolutely. “The books in the bus stop have truly saved my sanity in lockdown as we didn't bring any with us so thank you!”

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