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A self-funded, self-published poetry collection founded in January 2018 by myself and Edward Green.

Volume 1 ('Liberation')

Our first volume was published by Toothgrinder Publishers and centred around the theme of ‘liberation’. All contributors received thorough feedback and editorial suggestions on their work, as well as a £5 prize for successful submissions. The collection was published with a foreword by poet Rebecca Támas (Savage, The Ophelia Letters) and sold at a launch event in South East London with our guest speaker, Faber poet Jack Underwood (Happiness). The collection can also be bought at The Word bookshop in New Cross and Pages of Hackney, as well as online. 

Volume 1 contributors included: Alex Vann, Alice Edwards, Aliki Vatidi Turp, Angus Rogers, Dora Hemming, Edward Green, Jack Emsden, James Bastion, Joseph Roberts, Leila van Greithuysen, Lottie Hughes, Phoebe Stuckes, Stephanie Gorman, Teddy McDonald, Tom Butler and myself.

On the 23rd June 2018 we hosted a promotional 'Away With Words Takeover' of Themselves culture festival at Deptford Cinema in South East London where a selection of our contributors from volume 1 gave readings. 

Volume 2 ('Legacy')

Our second volume published on the 2nd November 2018 and was launched at DIY Space for London (DSFL) with readings from our contributors and guest speaker, T.S. Eliot Prize for poetry-nominated Rebecca Perry. The book was published alongside a foreword from poet Amy Key (Isn't Forever, Bloodaxe 2018) With this second volume we have expanded our open call nationally (with requests for international submissions!) Volume 2 contributors included: Amy Key, Joseph Roberts, Tom Butler, JLM Morton, James Bastion, Teddy McDonald, Livia Regan, Jack Emsden, Zanna Wolff, Marta Zenka, Arthur Nolan, Scarlet Clark, Jodan Knights, Tristan Vancouver, Jenny Novitzky, Jack Mulvaney, Angus Rogers, Edward Green, Maria Christodoulou, Alice Harrison, Annie Forbes, Andrew Sturrock and Amilia Graham. We are stocked at The Word Bookshop, BOOKS in Peckham, Review and online.

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