"Elinor has been writing and editing the blogs for Not9to5 for the past few months. It has been great to work with Elinor during this time, she is dedicated, organised and most importantly an excellent writer. She has developed some great content for our website, utilising the brief given as well as adding value with her own creative talent. She has brought to life through her writing the different themes of our work and engaged some great guests along the way to feature. It is a pleasure to work with Elinor and I highly recommend her and her work"

- Helen Denny, Company Director, Not9to5, 2020.

"I was nervous when we cut down the amount of cultural commentary that we had in the magazine before. It was a marked change for us that represented our attempted move in focusing in on our remit. I was nervous as well about the challenge this put forward to Elinor, who would be taking on these reviews. There was never any doubt in my mind that Elinor would be the best columnist for us, and that is someone was going to take this hefty task on board, it should be her. But it was still a large undertaking that many people would understandably shy away from. 

To say she outdid my expectations would be an understatement. I worry about our features, our guidance pieces, our videos, but the cultural column is never something I worry about. I know it will come on Sunday afternoon (now one of my favourite parts of the week), and that she will be consistent in discussion around edits. I know that it will be researched precisely to include a diverse range of recommendations for our readers, but most importantly, it will include a voice that they have grown to enjoy and savour.

Being a cultural columnist with breadth as large as Elinor's is hard, but she does it with distinction and a voice that will not quit. I greatly look forward to working with her in the future."

- Jack Williams, Creative Director, UnderPinned, 2019. 

"I have known Elinor for three years now and our paths have crossed throughout her undergraduate studies at Goldsmiths. Elinor is, quite simply, a brilliant student. Her marks and results reflect her true abilities and her outstanding commitment to her studies and almost needless to same, she came out as a top student in her degree and easily in the 5% of her cohort in the Department. Elinor is a thoughtful, intelligent, confident, intellectually curious and enterprising young woman, and highly motivated to succeed. Her outlook is mature beyond her age, and she has always been excellent at managing her own time and meticulous in her commitment to her studies. It has culminated in a very fine run of first-class marks in her final year, and includes a thoroughly deserved first-class Honours BA overall. Elinor's attitude towards her studies has been unfailingly exemplary."

- Dr. Andreas Kramer, Goldsmiths College, 2018.