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  • I am a Freelance Writer, Editor and Senior Bookseller. Recent clients include Clean Prose, Not9to5, Strand Magazine and UnderPinned. I am a soon-to-be graduate of MA Contemporary Literature, Culture and Theory (KCL), based in London. I have a First Class Honours in BA English & Comparative Literature from Goldsmiths College (15-18) 

  • I am Blog Editor for the self-employed consultancy Not9to5 where I write fortnightly blogs, bi-monthly newsletters and frequent social media posts. I am Head of Poetry at the KCL Literary Journal 2019-20 and edit prose submissions.

  • I wrote a commissioned weekly cultural column for UnderPinned Magazine from February 2019-20, details of which can be found on the above 'UnderPinned Work' page.

  • I edit and co-founded the poetry anthology

    Away With Words - Selected Verse

    (Volumes 1-3). For further information on the project, please consult the page 'Away With Words'.​

  • I have bylines in The Observer New Review, The Times Magazine, UnderPinned, AYoungerTheatre, the Radical Art Review, Porridge Zine, The Indiependent, Strand Magazine, Far Out Magazine, The Exeter Express and Echo and [smiths] magazine where I was Senior Literary and Creative Editor 2017-18.



In my role as Blog Editor for Not9to5 I am frequently interviewing leading freelancers and business owners for the company blog. I write bi-monthly newsletters and schedule social media posts on a regular basis.


Between February 2019-20, I wrote a weekly cultural column for UnderPinned Magazine with illustrations by Oscar Price.


Volume 1 published poetry responding to the theme of ‘liberation’ including a foreword by poet Rebecca Támas. It was launched at an event featuring guest speaker Jack Underwood and sold at The Word bookshop, Pages of Hackney and online.

Volume 2 published poetry responding to the theme of 'legacy' including a foreword by Amy Key. It was launched at an event featuring Rebecca Perry and sold at bookshops across London.

Volume 3 published in October 2019 with a foreword by Joelle Taylor and is available to purchase at bookshops across London.

All three books are stocked at the National Poetry Library in London's Southbank Centre.



London, UK

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